An eerie mist encases you. “Where am I?”, you wonder. “How did I get here?” Try as you might, you can’t remember what you were doing before you were here. A golden light shines down through the fog and a booming voice speaks out.

“Greetings, chosen one. You have been selected as one of many to partake in an event that will change the future of this world as you know it. Over the last few years, plans have been put into play. The new Order has yet to be determined, and it is with your help that it can do so. Will you lend your hand to the future of the world? To agree is to live a world of honor, of reward, and of heroism.”

The voice’s words seemed preposterous, but you can’t help an uneasy feeling in the back of your mind. There have been rumors of a new threat across the lands, and your kingdom has been filled with fear for the last five years. You thought over the voice, before your mind was made up. Whether it was the promise of reward or heroism, there was only one response in your heart. “I accept.”

“Very good. Take this ring and wear it. It shall guide you to where I may talk to you more freely, and begin our plans.”

You wake up in the inn with a cold sweat. The voice still echoes in your ears as you ponder over it’s words. It wasn’t until you caught a gleam of metal on your finger before you realized it was all true. Your heart was heavy as you got dressed that morning. Times were changing quickly, and it seems you would be there for all of it.

Character Creation:
Starting level: 2
HD rolling: Half or better (i.e., d8’s must roll at least a 4 or higher, otherwise they are rerolled.)
Stat Rolling: 3d6, rerolling any dice which result in a 1.
Starting Wealth: 1,000 gp

All classes welcome, with the following rules/exceptions:

Summoners are not allowed unless they are from the Unchained Rulebook.
Classes from the Occult Adventures will not be allowed

The Great Game